Meeting with the experts of Export Promotion Office

June 21 from 11:30 till 18:00! Save this time in your calendar to meet the experts of Export Promotion Office, the operators of furniture industry, designers and EF Cluster.

We will tell you about export, the stories of success and the reasons for failures of your colleagues who have made great efforts, lost a lot of money but haven’t managed to succeed. According to the research of the World Bank on competitiveness, the companies that are parts of world chains of additional value have 30% higher competitiveness level in comparison with their “independent” colleagues. Collaboration has already long been not just a fashionable word but a must-have for export-oriented companies. Who should domestic furniture manufacturers cooperate with? With Ukrainian designers. Their cool ideas have been known in Europe for a long time and such furniture is popular there and is bought eagerly. If such ideas are realized in mass production using manufacturing capacities of Ukrainian furniture producers, everyone will benefit from it.  Within 4 hours we will:

  • present to you ready-to-use creative design solutions which are waiting for “their” manufacturer to be implemented;
  • explain in simple terms the stages and instruments for entering foreign markets;
  • tell you about Ukrainian professionals who give a hand of help to those who are ready to enter foreign markets and prepare for this step those who have a strong desire;
  • invite you to the exhibitions where you can see the works of other companies and demonstrate your products effectively to the clients who are awaiting you;
  • introduce the platforms to you which can make your entrance to foreign markets a sure and easy thing.

There will be a lot of networking, coffee and cakes!

The cost of participation for furniture companies is 800 UAH.

Undergo REGISTRATION following the link and get a detailed program of the event and the list of speakers.

REGISTRATION for designers and mass media.


Organizers: Kyiv International Contract Fair, Export Furniture Cluster, Export Promotion Office